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As part of agreements with the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan in September 2018, it was decided to build by foreign investors a modern pharmaceutical production facility that meets the requirements of the international GMP standard (good manufacturing practice) in Tashkent, the Republic of Uzbekistan. The company IP BELPHARM LLC was created in January 2019 and began implementing this ambitious project in October 2019. The first stage of production (beta-lactam antibiotics) was completed in July 2022, the second stage of production (sterile solid dosage forms) in October 2022. Confirmation of the successful implementation of the investment project was the receipt of License for the production of medicines No. 053557, GMP Certificate No. 18:2022, as well as the GMP Certificate of the Eurasian Economic Union No. GMP/EAEU/BY/00260-2023.

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