To distributors

Dear distributors, Belpharm company is always looking forward to cooperate!
We will be happy to find new partners.
Products manufactured by Belfarm are a guarantee of quality and reliability.
  • Production
    Medicines production meets international standards:
    GMP, ISO 14001.
  • Quality control
    A step-by-step quality control system ensures the highest quality of incoming raw materials, as well as intermediate and final product.
  • Raw material
    We use raw materials from suppliers certified to meet international standards.
    We also carry out additional control of each batch of raw materials in our laboratories.
We have a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that contains the minimum set of standards and requirements adopted by our company with the aim of promoting honest and ethical business conduct and preventing abuse:
Building trust:
The company is committed to developing relations of friendship and cooperation with shareholders, investors, contractors and employees.
The company's policy is expressed in providing equal opportunities to all employees regardless of their national and religious affiliation, personal beliefs, gender and age.
We make management decisions based on verified data. The selection of contractors, partners and cooperation is carried out on fair market conditions.
We refrain from engaging in unethical and illegal activities and make efforts to ensure that business partners, contractors, and employees of our company adhere to the same high ethical standards in business relations.

The principles and requirements of the Code apply to all aspects of the activities and business processes of Belpharm LLC

To the following areas as well:
Relations with employees and the settlement of conflicts of interest;
Proportionality between representation expenses and business gifts;
Protection of confidential information and fair competition;
Counterparty reliability vetting, as well as social responsibility and charity;
Timely and reliable disclosure of information, as well as interaction with the state and authorities;
Compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements, as well as internal control and audit.
Each and every one of our distributors is provided with information and financial support. We are ready to help with any issue 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Thanks to highly qualified personnel and advanced equipment Belpharm LLC will occupy a leading position in the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
IP LLC "Belpharm" is an export-oriented company. It is planned to open representative offices in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to increase export potential.
Production of medicines and dietary supplements
Contract manufacturing
Physico-chemical studies
Microbiological control
Regulatory services
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For export supply issues, contact:
Head of foreign and economic marketing department
Voronetsky Aleksey Boleslavovich
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